28 February 2011

Count down to primal living begins.

I now have my primal blue print book so i will be over the next month be reading it when i can. The count down begins.

Tonight Food by chef Geordie

i have a thing for stir Fry's at the moment so i got a little ambitious tonight


2 Garlic cloves
stir fry mix
cabbage and leaks
bean sprouts
smoked bacon
fajita seasoning

Chuck the chicken and Bacon into a wok with garlic and cook till done
sprinkle some fajita seasoning over and stir together.
add the cabbage and leaks

then the bean sprouts
and the stir fry veggie mix.

cook till it reduces down a little bit.
then chuck it on a plate and bobs ya uncle. or in my case its my grandad

23 February 2011

todays gym session

Changed my Cv work out a little today on the advice from Marina the PT at fitness first gym. And i actually feel like i did more in a shorter space of time.

30 min X trainer on intervals hill. Speed 14 while up high and speed 11 at rest. With a 5 min cool down.

15 min random setting, level 8, speed 6.5.  OMG what a 15 min fast walk this was backs of my legs were killing by the end.

total exercise time including cool downs 55 min.
calories burned according to the machines about 1100
And one drenched t-shirt from my sweat.

I felt really good after and am looking forward to going tomorrow morning before work again.

Helping Geordie Shite since 1977

my weapons of choice today are................................

Watch out world smell arse follows lmfao


last night i felt really tired. so went to bed for about 9. more or less slept thru till 9 this morning. That ain't like me.  "think the last three weeks of gym has caught up". O well it ain't beating me that's for sure am of to get some food and then i am gonna beat the gym up and make myself feel better.

I ache all over my upper body from the body combat class the other day as well. So i think a session is in order to loosen my self of.

Cheers for reading guys

22 February 2011

Fitness First PT health check and SMART GOALS.......

Which results do you want to achieve the most? To tone up and get a better body shape

Weight : 144kg
Body fat : 33.8%
Trouser size : 46"/48"

Long term ultimate goal.

What? To loose weight and look good. i am currently 144kg. I would like to drop at least 20Kg maybe 30/40 Kg.
Why? I am seriously overweight and i want to feel stronger mentally and physically.

When? I would like to loose 20kg with in the next 6 month. then more to follow after that.

4 Bite size goals i am committing to.
  • To to do a CV workout 4/5 times a week
  • Start eating healthier
  • To drink 4 litres of water a day
  • Stay motivated and keep at it even when i cant be arsed

after today's session with marina i have a clearer few of what i want. I am gonna do this and i will succeed.

and after today weigh in i have lost 4kg since starting this hole trip.

21 February 2011

Loving IT!

Up at 6 at the gym by just after 6.30. 10 min warm up and the bike. then a 45 min body combat session, the guy that takes it makes it fun to do. once i finished i did 20 min on the bikes then 30 min on the cross trainer. Finished my session feeling amazing only thing was i felt i could of gone on and done more.

O well tomorrow is the day i get my weight and body fat thingy done. So will post it up after work.

OOooooooooooo i have just ordered my self the primal blue print book. so my next step is to start eating right. Will let ya know how that goes as i do it.

19 February 2011

Is it an addiction?

Woke up this morning 30 min before my 6 o’clock alarm. Got up as normal dressed as normal, Normal morning realy. Took my normal 10 min walk to the gym only to find its Saturday and they don’t open till 8Am.
The question I ask myself is why the hell did I not check at night. Lmfao talk about auto pilot. O well I finish work at 6 so of to the gym then I go. Hi Ho Hi Ho we go..........

18 February 2011

lets get started.

Well i suppose i better do the bit i am dreading the before pics.
These were taken a couple days ago.

Current weight is 147kg

For now i have started to cut sugar and bread out of my diet. But i will hopfully be using the following 2 sites for info, Primal Blueprint and http://www.robbwolf.com/.

The whole aim of my my healthy lifstyle change is, I want to loose weight and eventualy tone my self up so i not only look good but feel good in side aswell.

I am curently in the gym 4/5 times a week first thing in the morning for about an hour before work doing mainly CV work.

well thats all for now i will update as i can.

Any questions please feel free to ask i will try and answer them. also if you have any advise to give please feel free to post. it will all help i am sure.

Cheers geordie