18 February 2011

lets get started.

Well i suppose i better do the bit i am dreading the before pics.
These were taken a couple days ago.

Current weight is 147kg

For now i have started to cut sugar and bread out of my diet. But i will hopfully be using the following 2 sites for info, Primal Blueprint and http://www.robbwolf.com/.

The whole aim of my my healthy lifstyle change is, I want to loose weight and eventualy tone my self up so i not only look good but feel good in side aswell.

I am curently in the gym 4/5 times a week first thing in the morning for about an hour before work doing mainly CV work.

well thats all for now i will update as i can.

Any questions please feel free to ask i will try and answer them. also if you have any advise to give please feel free to post. it will all help i am sure.

Cheers geordie

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